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Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test & Interview DVD

To become a naturalized citizen of the United States, there are specific steps that you must complete with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). For example, you will need to pass both the civics and English portions of the citizenship test and be successfully interviewed by a USCIS official.

The citizenship test and interview can be a nerve-wracking part of the naturalization process, but you won’t need to stress if you prepare ahead of time. Get ready for your appointment and improve your chances of passing the exam and interview with this information-packed DVD from

two people sitting at table with american flag

Two people sitting at a table with an American flag. Prepare for your U.S. naturalization interview and test with this DVD study guide.

How Our DVD Helps You Prepare for the USCIS Appointment

Our DVD study guide entitled, “Learn to Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test & Interview” will give you the practical tools necessary to help you succeed in your quest for naturalization. From your initial USCIS appointment notification to your final preparations and accommodations, we cover everything you’ll need to know.

And instead of just reading the information in a dry narrative or endless lists, you'll be able to see examples in action. For example, the video on the DVD includes:

  • Pictures of the forms and notifications that you’ll receive so that you know exactly what to look for
  • An engaging tutorial that covers the material you need to know for your English and civics exams
  • A dramatic reenactment of a USCIS official interviewing an applicant to show you what to expect at your citizenship appointment

Check out this video clip for a sample of what you’ll get on the DVD:

More About the DVD Study Guide

The DVD study guide contains nearly two hours of high-quality information. It takes the complicated naturalization process and boils it down to the details you need in an easy-to-understand format.

The video is presented in English. However, you can select Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Korean subtitles to translate this valuable information for you.

The DVD study guide lessons are organized into the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Getting Ready

Chapter one functions as an overview of the naturalization process and includes elements like:

  • The citizenship interview
  • The U.S. history and civics test
  • The English language tests
  • What to bring to your interview
  • Finding your interview location
  • What to do if you need to reschedule your appointment or update your address

Chapter 2: The Citizenship Interview

The second chapter presents a citizenship interview dramatization. It presents what to expect; however, your appointment will likely differ. Every interview is unique because:

  • Many questions will be geared specifically to the applicant and the information on his or her paperwork.
  • The tone of the conversation will vary depending on the personality of the USCIS agent conducting your interview.

However, by watching this interview depiction, you can visualize and prepare for your appointment.

Chapter 3: The U.S. History and Civics Test

To become a United States citizen, you will take a test to demonstrate your understanding of this country’s culture and background. The “Learn to Pass” DVD provides the fundamental information you will need to answer questions in this exam section.

For example, you will learn about:

  • The American government, including:
    • The principles of American democracy
    • Our system of government
    • The rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • American History
    • The colonial period
    • Gaining our independence
    • The 1800s
    • Recent American history
    • Other important historical information
  • Integrated Civics
    • U.S. geography
    • American symbols
    • U.S. holidays

Chapter 4: Final Preparations

The study guide DVD concludes with final tips to assist you in preparing for your interview and exams. It also offers information regarding:

  • Exceptions: Not everyone needs to take both portions of the citizenship test. Find out if you qualify for an exemption.
  • Accommodations: People with a physical or mental disability sometimes require modifications to the interview and testing process. Find out what accommodations may be available to you.

Prepare for and Pass the Citizenship Test by Ordering Your DVD

Whether you are planning to file your Form N-400, U.S. Citizenship Application, or have already done so, it is never too early to begin prepping for your USCIS appointment.’s “Learn to Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test & Interview” DVD will furnish you with the knowledge you need to have a successful citizenship interview and pass your exams. Fill out the secure checkout form below to order your copy today.


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